“Life is about the journey, not the destination" - Melissa


Melissa Eason is a Texas jewelry artist who began her design journey to answer the ultimate question. And what is the ultimate question, you ask? Well, that is the journey; no doubt. And if you get that, then you get her.

Each piece in her “42 Designs” collection is hand crafted by her. from concept to creation. She uses only beads that she believes to be of good quality; that she would wear herself. With these high standards, she chooses semi-precious beads, quartz and limestone, lamp worked glass and Czech crystal. Funky one-of-a-kind glass and crystal beads along with vintage baubles make her creations beautiful and unique. The metals are sterling silver, brass or pewter. Any plastic beads are a re-use of vintage beads that she collected in the journey.

Today, Melissa is a cube dweller with a secret life. Project manager by day; designer by night. World traveler across 25 countries and 5 continents, with a bucket list for many more. An avid collector of moments and memories, believing that there is something to be learned from everyone and every thing encountered. She weaves these things into her creations.