"As in art, passion, life and fire can be found in every piece of jewelry.  You have to know how to look at it." - Catherine Page


I AM filled to the brim with creative energy.  Although growing up in a small Texas town provided little artistic encouragement I never felt limited.  As a child  I was shaped by the clever resourcefulness of the seventies. With nothing beyond painted rocks and a latch hook, I was content for years. In college I found art history.    In graduate school Medieval art history found me.  It remains my first love and is the wellspring from which the jewelry gets its depth and soul.

I THINK there is a longing for things that reflect a certain kind of slowness and deliberation, things that water the mind.  Initially I began designing jewelry from vintage materials as an antidote to wastefulness and to combat the need for immediate gratification.  But now, jewelry design is not just the way I make my living. It’s the place where I put things-my solace in the world.  

WHEN YOU wear my jewelry, I hope it helps you reflect the shimmering truth of who you are.  That it causes your inner and outer self to match.  As each season’s collection is born, it feels like some part of me that has been pressed down and waiting to breathe has risen and now stands stretching and strong. I knew it.