“As a feature and freelance writer, I have witnessed in a personal way the relentless advance of technology  on the printed word.  This art work is an effort to represent the struggles, stress, and messy agony of the transition in the publishing world from the printing press to the digital age.  Figuratively speaking, the flowing white areas represent the reams of newsprint from the press, that decompose in the lower right.  The jumble of fonts and type faces pile up  at the bottom in chaos and disfunction, while the splotches of black and red could represent ink or bloody conflict.  In a broader sense, this piece is symbolic of the influence and power today's technology has over so many aspects of our lives and even though we may struggle to hold on to our skill levels, our livelihood, our privacy, and our worlds as we know them, ....change comes.” PARKS LOWE

 Acrylic on Canvas

48” x 100” X 2”

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