Parks Lowe



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"My path has become clear to me, and I am very thankful."

Responding to the world around me in a visual way is one of my earliest memories and has become my life's work.  My art expresses a unique part of myself.  The possibility that something I create might connect with another being is a special bonus.

The thrill of working so freely with lots of room on the canvas accentuates my love of movement and color relationships, even though I am still directed by the visual concepts of line, form, and composition. Ultimately, with abstraction, my psyche can become immersed in the paint itself, and form a true, direct connection to the creative inspiration without a thought to the execution required in a realistic work.  Because of such freedoms, some of my work could be called impressionistic as well as abstract.


Whatever technique or medium I am using, in general I am drawn to a concept that I have to explore thoroughly.  As a result I may paint one canvas and feel that the subject is complete, while at other times, I will paint numerous painting in the same genre until it leaves my awareness.  It is not unusual for me to have several of these themes in progress at the same time. Some of my work is inspired by the most basic concepts, such as light, shape, or texture while others are more tangible, reflecting speed, music, wind, open spaces, the sea, the sky, and the list goes on and on.